Thank you for your interest in adopting!


  1. Get your whole family ready for a lifestyle change & to welcome a new family member for life. Then get your home safe & ready for a cat.

  2. Read through the safety measures below which you need to install to keep your cat safe & details on all the supplies you need to buy for your cat. 

  3. Read through the Adoption Contract as adoption is a lifelong commitment and cats can live 15 to 20 years.

  4. Visit us at the Kitten Sanctuary at 737A North Bridge Road, Singapore 198705 to meet the cats.

  5. Lastly & most importantly, kindly be aware that you should keep your cat strictly indoor as cats that roam are picked up by the authorities and are often killed. They can also get Feline Aids & Leukemia if scratched or bitten by an infected cat or die in accidents.


SAFETY of the animal is top priority so do take a look at all the meshing requirements.

Send us labelled photos of your cat proofing measures on your front gate, windows of living room, bedrooms, kitchen, balcony (if you have) so that we can get approval from the fosterer.

Please whatsapp the labelled photos to +65 9126 7379.

Fosterers normally wait for two weeks before moving on to the next potential adopter. Hence do keep in touch and let us know if you need help. We will then get the final approval from the fosterer/rescuer.

Kittens are released at 2.5 months after the vet clears their health. Kitten Fading Syndrome can occur for kittens below 8 weeks and it is traumatizing to adopt & then your kitten passes away.

ADOPTION costs $80, which only partially helps to cover some of the medical costs including vaccinations, de-worming, vitamins, medicines to get rid of fleas, mites & heartworm, sterilization for those 6 months & above etc

Adopt a Mama or Mama and her child and adoption fees will be waived off. #NoMamaGetsLeftBehind!

Adoption Contract is signed when the cat/kitten is handed over.


Adoption information: Mesh & Supplies 

1) Keeping the cat safe


You can install windows grills that are narrow enough where meshes are not required over it. The gap between grills is 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5cm to 4cm)

Meshing of windows:

Plastic with cable tie or mosquito nets that can be locked metal, bbq grill type mesh is fine. Any hardware store, Daiso, Homefix or gardening supplies store.

Plastic or insect mesh (that can be locked) can be installed on grills (Windows can still be opened).

Hard & soft plastic mesh (for windows & gate)

Mesh Samples for Window

Mesh Samples for Gate

Gates must be FULLY MESHED as cats can jump 6 to 8 times their height.

Mesh samples for balcony


(This is just for your information only. We are in no way affiliated with these companies.)

Magnetic insects screen and Magic Seal

(All these are for your information only. We are in no way affiliated with these companies.)


Plastic Wire Net. $2 each.

Metal Meshes:

Lai Xinfeng wiremesh (1965) Pte Ltd
Block 30 Kelantan Road #01-91 Singapore 200030. Tel: 6294 7781

Quittun DIY Services

Wah Yew Shelving & Racks

592 Serangoon Road Singapore 218206. Tel: 6294 1355.

Website: (Delivery for purchase over $250)

You can call them with measurements of your window and they will customize it for you.

Metal Window Panel & plastic wire net:

INVISYS Technology Pte. Ltd.

26 Sin Ming Lane #04-115 Midview City Singapore 573971 Tel: (65) 6659-5232



7030 Ang mo Kio Ave 5 #01-47 Northstar @ AMK Singapore 569880. Tel: 6242 1911


Cats are notorious for not drinking enough water, thus leading to urinary and kidney issues. Please feed at least one wet meal a day, and one dry meal.

Dry food for Adult cats:

Adult cats (here) eat Wellness Turkey and Salmon (bottom left pic) mixed with Royal Canin Oral (bottom right pic).

Cats are strict carnivores, they NEED a high meat content in their food as they get all their energy from Proteins and Fats. Please read the information link provided below.

Wet food for Adult cats:

Kitten Food

Kittens (here) eat Wellness Cat Core Kitten (bottom right pic) mixed with Royal Canin Kitten (bottom left pic).

Kitten Wet Food

Schesir – Tuna or Chicken


They are wholesalers so they are cheaper.

Food bowl & water bowl

Water fountains


Litter box


Scratching post

cat tree


Carrier bag


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