Belgravia Ace an eco-friendly community where residents have something to look forward to everyday


Belgravia Ace is a new development, due to be completed in 2021. It is located in the heart of Ang Mo Kio By Tong Eng Group. The freehold seamless development boasts 107 strata terrace units as well as 104 semi-detached, and three terraces. It is centrally located in Seletar’s Aerospace District. Belgravia Ace fairview Developments can be found on prime land freehold in mature Ang Mo Kio. Residents have many amenities. Belgravia Ace Mo Kio offers wealthy investors a unique opportunity to purchase a new freehold in a quiet area of the Nim Gardens. You will also find Belgravia Villas and Belgravia Green, as well as other developments that have been sold. This development is a great choice for buyers looking for a new landed property with more amenities.

Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio Amenities

For families looking for inspiration, there is no better place than the Ang Mo Kio Public Library located just a few steps from Belgravia Ace Terraces’ residences. It is also just a few blocks away. The library was opened in 1985. It has 4,277 square meters of books, research materials, catalogs, and storytelling activities. It is also clear that the area has a high rental demand for freehold developments. Belgravia Ace differs from other developments in that it is not a house cluster and is a landed home. Cluster houses are strata-titled landed properties which come with all the amenities but not the entire house. Belgravia Ace, which is not a cluster home, is a landed property that has executive rights to the land. This is a new launch. The launch date is still to be determined. Leasehold developments can be more expensive than freehold ones because the owners are in control of the land. Singaporeans are the only ones who can purchase landed properties.


Parks and Recreations Centers Around Belgravia Ace Location

Belgravia Ace is close to many parks in the Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, high-demand area. Walking or running near parks has many benefits. It promotes active living and makes it convenient for Belgravia Ace residents. It increases safety and convenience. Belgravia Ace residents can take advantage of all the facilities offered by nearby parks, such as fitness classes and nature trails. Belgravia Ace residents have easy access to all these amenities. It takes only a few minutes to walk to the nearest park. Below are some examples of parks. It is rare to find a freehold development within the mature estate of Ang Mo Kio. There are many improvements over previous works by Tong Eng Group. For more information about the development, interested buyers can contact us via their mobile number. Belgravia Ace is located near the North South Corridor link, which will relieve the increasing traffic on the Central Expressway. See the Belgravia Ace images.


Belgravia Park

Belgravia Ace residents who land at Belgravia Park will be able to enjoy the stunning scenery. It is also possible to run close to the water so that you aren’t restricted by the road. Belgravia Ace residents will be able to enjoy the park’s many attractions. Belgravia Park is a great place to enjoy nature at your own pace. Belgravia Ace residents have the option to walk with their dog, or take a stroll with their friends in Belgravia Park. Belgravia Ace residents can go for a relaxing walk at night, and enjoy the view of the stars or the moon. It is essential that you bring all safety precautions to the park if you plan to spend time there.

Nim Meadow Park

Belgravia Ace residents can enjoy nature walks in these parks as well. There are usually paths that run through the park, and others that follow the natural beauty in the area. Belgravia Ace residents have the opportunity to visit Nim Meadow Park, which is situated at one of these parks. There are many activities that the park staff offers for both children and adults, as well as the animals.

Ang Mo Kio Linear Park

Belgravia Ace residents live in the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio Linear Park. They can take a walk or walk their dog after work, and enjoy the area. It makes it easy for Belgravia Ace residents to go to the nearby gym and work out. It’s not far from Ang Mo Kio Linear Park. Residents who enjoy being active outdoors will be happy to know that they are only a few blocks from other activities.

Luxus Hills Park

Luxus Hills Park is a wonderful place for children to learn safety when outside. Children need to know how to behave outdoors. Even if it is a pleasant day, you shouldn’t let your children wander outside without supervision, especially at night. When children play in the park, they should be supervised.

Luxus Hills Park is more than just a walk away. There are many other benefits to living near it. Children who live in the area benefit from having their parents nearby, not only do they get to exercise but also the opportunity to have fun. Parents can monitor their children during the day at Luxus Hills Park.

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