The Cat Museum

The Cat Museum was set up with the belief that everyone can love an animal if they get to know them & have good first hand experiences. People fear the unknown and so, to make cats more accessible, hundreds of compassionate volunteers came together to Lion City Kitty, on Purvis Street, and The Cat Museum became the World's first non profit Cat Museum with live animals. It showcased cat art & craft from around the world but was also an interaction & education centre plus Kitty Orphanage, Kindergarten & Nursery for adoptions. It rescued and rehomed almost 400 cats in 3 and a half years.

The mascot of The Cat Museum was Purrince Harry from Purvis Street, a cross eyed, tailless, ginger tabby rescued by the founder, Jessica Seet, in 2012 when he was about 6 weeks old. The logo of The Cat Museum has a silhouette of Purrince Harry of Purvis within the outline of a Lion, the largest of the cats and for which Singapore is named after. In the Malay language, "Singa" means lion & "pura" means city or state.

Tour of the
old cat museum

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The Museum

The Museum was put up to showcase artworks of cats. It was a range of dress-up soft toys, sculptures and paintings. In here, it was created so visitors could enjoy some artworks while our cats came to snuggle with them.

This is also where our odd-eyed family came to live, with the addition of channing and Papa.

The Muses

The Muses was where we had adult cats and kittens up for adoption. An open setting was chosen so as to let the cats feel at ease, and to get the cats familiar with staying in a house. Potential adopters can also play with them, bond with them, and see how they behave in a house-like environment. This was to remove the "trial" period for adopters and to reduce the number of abandonment/return cases. This provided an opportunity to teach people new to cats how to interact with them, for some to get over their fear of cats and showing visitors cat-proofing measures they can take to prevent their cats from jumping out of the window.

The Mansion

The Mansion was where we had our founder's - Jessica Seet - adopted cats for visitors to see. It comprised of older cats who loved to sleep all day. This became a nice quiet place for people to relax, and a great first introduction for people new to cats as they were calm and charming cats. The Mansion also showcased some unique cat furniture and ideas for cat owners.

Mamas & Munchkins

Mamas & Munchkins was born out of a need to find a safe place for stray nursing mama cats, where their young kittens can grow in a safe environment. Most of the mama cats and/or the kittens were found in factories, carparks or even drains where accidents can easily happen to the cats. It has housed over 10 mama cats, and they even got adopted too.

The Staircase

To make the journey  from floor to floor interesting, we put many interesting stories of felines from popular culture, pictures and movie posters with cats along the walls. 

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